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BarConic® Muddler - Gold Plated w/ Black Serrated Head


Muddle your way to the ultimate cocktail!

Why are muddlers popular in modern mixology? Because they offer the ability to extract such amazing flavors from your freshest ingredients. The combinations of herbs and fruits can certainly take your cocktail to the next level. Along with its utility, the reflective gold plated finish is certainly one to be desired by many professional bartenders.

There are several styles of muddlers available, such as flat heads and serrated (such as this one). The serrated tip is used in more aggressive flavor extractions. If you are looking for a high quality, elegant muddling tool at an unbeatable price, then this Gold Plated Muddler from BarConic® is perfect for all of your muddling needs.

  • Measures: 8.5" Length x 1" diameter head
  • Features a serrated head for more aggressive muddling needs
  • Gorgeous high quality, reflective Gold plating
  • Ideal for professional bartenders and master mixologists
  • Popular and trendy in modern mixology

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