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ID Collars for Long Neck Top PourMaster® Juice Pourers

If you have ever worked behind a bar, you know that all bartenders do things in a slightly different fashion. Tablecraft® has created a way for the entire bar staff to keep all of the juice containers labeled to avoid any confusion among multiple bartenders. Since the pourers only come in 5 colors and sometimes you need 1 color to hold 2 different types of liquids, the ID Collars are the perfect way to keep things organized. They are available with 7 common pre-made labels, and 1 blank one that allows you to write anything.

ID Collars ONLY fit PourMaster® with Long Neck Top Juice Pourers- Pourers sold separately.
  • Label your juice pourers to avoid confusion
  • 7 common pre-made labels available and 1 blank
  • Can also be used for VIP table service
  • Great for fast paced bars or clubs
Additional Info
  • Only fit on PourMaster® with Long Neck Top
  • Clear plastic IDs
  • Easy to add to neck of pourer
  • Can be washed and reused