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BarConic® Small Plating Tongs - 5.5 Inch


These BarConic® small Plating Tongs will allow bartenders and master mixologists to effortlessly garnish creative cocktails and add elegant presentation. Easily arrange delicate garnishes like cherries, olives, strips of cucumber and more to concoct decorative master mixology creations. Featuring tapered ends with textured tips allow for a gentle, yet secure grip on tiny items. The handles are offset for easy placement of small foods into tighter areas. These are a must have in all bars and kitchens!

These tiny plating tongs are 5.5 Inches in length making them the perfect size to grab the smallest of garnishes! There are tiny teeth like grooves on the inner walls of the tip for those very small items.

  • Even very small items can be lifted out easily due to the grooved tips and balanced spring
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Teeth and curved edges
  • Dishwasher safe

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