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Measured Pourers

Measured Pourers are a great tool for controlling your liquor inventory and keeping your bartenders honest. If you are a bar, nightclub or restaurant that has a problem with over-pouring bartenders, then this is your solution! Instead of paying the big bucks for some overpriced pouring system, try replacing all of your liquor pourers with these high quality and professional Liquor Control Pourers. We offer a wide variety of styles including 2 Ball Measured Pourers, 3 Ball Measured Pourers, Metric Pour Spouts, Collared and No Collar Pour Tops, and even some for the kitchen! We carry some of the most popular high quality brands in the industry including Precision Pour, Update, Harold Imports and our very own line of BarConic® pour spouts! So put a stop to your bartender with the “heavy hand” and stock up on your Inventory Control Pourers today!