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BarConic® Vortex Mixing Glass - Stemmed 1124ml (38oz.)

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Our BarConic® 38oz. Vortex Mixing Glass is a great way for any bartender, master mixologist or home bar enthusiast to implement some added style to their cocktail mixing routine. Simple to use and easy to clean, this beautiful mixing glass is perfect for creating premium cocktails. The unique shape of this glass is guaranteed to make it a main staple behind the bar or in your home. The contour of this gorgeous cocktail mixing glass infuses both style and functionality. The curve of the bowl facilitates superior mixing and faster chilling. Not every cocktail needs to be aggressively shaken inside the confines of a mixing tin. For those beverages that require a gentler touch, simply start swirling this mixing glass to blend together your cocktail components, you don’t even need a bar spoon. With a capacity of 38oz., this beautiful mixing glass holds the perfect amount of space for combining and mixing together cocktail ingredients. Graceful and elegant while simultaneously tough, this high quality mixing glass is a cool and useful addition for any establishment that serves cocktails. Our BarConic® 38oz. Vortex Mixing Glass is an eye-catching piece that will add a signature touch to every drink.

  • Large pour spout
  • Holds 38 ounces (1124ml)
  • Durable and attractive base
  • Unique vortex shape

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