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BarConic® Trident Bar Spoons - Antique Copper Finish - Several Lengths Available

Every professional bartender understands the importance of knowing when it is appropriate to stir and not shake a cocktail. For certain cocktails, namely whiskeys and bourbons, It is vital to release the flavors and aromas while chilling the liquid, but not watering it down. The erratic movements of a shaken cocktail will release specks of ice and flatten the flavor, which is why "Stirring" a cocktail appropriately falls into the category of professional bartending.

Every master mixologist has their preferred style of stirring a cocktail, and many different types of bar spoons offer certain functionalities. These Copper Bar Spoons are available in 3 different lengths, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm. While boasting style as well as utility, these trident ended bar spoons are in high demand as they offer an additional functionality of conveniently picking garnishes. The twisted nature of the stem should allow for a more fluid motion, both through the mixing vessel and your fingers, allowing for ease in the stirring action. The elegant brushed on copper finish offers a desirably dated look, one that is trendy and classic.


  • Gorgeous antique copper finish
  • Durable, high quality bar spoon
  • Trident fork end ideal for picking garnishes
  • Available in 3 different lengths
  • Twisted rod / stem for added ease in stirring
  • Trendy, stylish and professional bartending tool
  • Perfect for creating stirred craft cocktails