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BarConic® Glass Beaker Jigger


The BarConic® Glass Beaker Jigger is a unique bartending tool intended for the professional bartender or mixologist who appreciates the art of pouring perfectly measured cocktails. The glass beaker is marked with clear measurements in ounces (up to 3 ounces), milliliters (up to 75 mL) and tablespoons (up to 5 TBSP). The beaker is formed into a unique rounded triangle shape, truly setting this bar tool apart from other measuring tools. The addition of the TBSP measurements are popular for use in master mixology to emulate the bar spoon measurements.

Consistency is key when mixing quality craft cocktails and this advanced measuring beaker will ensure that your liquor measurements are precise every time. We offer a full line of glass barware including mixing beakers, bitters bottles and vessels to complete a master mixologist's bar set.

  • Lightweight glass beaker
  • Unique triangle shape
  • Measurements in oz, mL and TBSP
  • Pour spout for controlled pouring
  • 3" H x 2.25"W
  • Weighs 3 oz

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