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BarConic® Fine Mesh Strainer - 2 inch


This high quality stainless steel 2 inch mesh strainer is ideal for all of your straining needs! It's 2 inch round diameter sits securely on top of standard cocktail and mixing glasses allowing you a stable environment during use. The fine mesh design allows you to remove smaller particles while straining fresh ingredients from the liquids. The loop handle not only gives you a superior grip, but can also be used to store your strainer when not in use. The strainer head also showcases a loop hook on the end that can be used as storage as well as keeping the strainer securely in place during use.

Mesh strainers are typically used in double straining methods, being sure to catch even the smallest of bits and allowing you to serve your guests a delicious particle free cocktail.

Product Features
  • Measurements: 8.75"L
  • High quality stainless steel material
  • Fine mesh catches even the smallest of particles
  • Superior grip and storage hook
  • 2 inch diameter sits securely on all standard cocktail and mixing glasses

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