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BarConic® Double Sided Jigger Copper Plated -.75oz. x 1.25oz.

SKU JIG-.75X1.25-COP

With our BarConic® Copper Plated Double Sided Jiggers you can experience ultimate precision in every cocktail you craft. The unique design is great for maintaining reliable pour amounts and achieving constant accuracy. Cocktails crafted using a jigger let your patrons know they come to you to receive consistent high quality drinks and service. Our double sided jiggers help you properly measure the intended amount making it easier to follow recipes and not over pour. Simple to use and easy to clean, our copper jiggers are great for effective portion control. A vital part of every bar’s setup, a double sided jigger is an essential bartending tool that every bartender should have. A necessity for crafting perfectly balanced drinks, this product lets you achieve the perfect spirit to mixer ratio. Great for home and professional use, each side of this jigger has a different measuring capacity. Measure out .75 ounces on one side, then flip over and measure out 1.25 ounces of syrup or spirit without needing to grab a second measuring utensil. This sleek and shiny copper tone of this jigger gives it a classic and timeless appeal. The sophisticated design of this stylish bartending tool allows it to seamlessly integrate into any design scheme.

  • Regulates quantity
  • Stylish copper finish
  • Double sided
  • 1 side holds .75oz., other side holds 1.25oz.

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