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BarConic® Double Sided Jigger Antique Finish -.75oz. x 1.25oz.


Every bar, restaurant or cocktail friendly home looking to serve high quality precise cocktails needs our BarConic® Antique Finish Double Sided Jiggers. They have been specifically designed to help you maintain reliable pour amounts while also achieving consistent accuracy. Let your patrons know that they are guaranteed premium quality drinks and dependable service. Follow cocktail recipes effortlessly by using a double sided jigger to measure out intended quantities. Easy to clean and simple to use, this bartending utensil is perfect for effective portion control. An essential bartending tool needed in every bartender’s arsenal, a double sided jigger lets you achieve the perfect liquor to mixer balance. This barware tool is a necessity for crafting perfectly balanced cocktails, and with one side measuring .75 ounces, and other side able to measure 1.25 ounces, you’re assured a diverse and useful product. Measure out portions on one side, then flip it over and use a completely different measurement without needing to grab a second measuring utensil. The antique copper finish gives this jigger a classic look that makes this piece a stylish addition to any barware collection. A necessary bartending tool in any bar or restaurant, our BarConic® Antique Finish Double Sided Jigger is the perfect measure of style.

  • 1side holds 2oz., other side holds 1oz.
  • Stylish copper finish
  • Regulates quantity
  • Double sided