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BarConic® Copper Bar Spoon with Disk - Antique Finish - 11"


In the art of craft bartending, a properly stirred cocktail is vital. To stir a cocktail properly, a professional bartenders goal is to maintain the robust flavor and aromas of the liquor while giving it a smooth chill. Stirring a cocktail is preferred for many bourbons and whiskey based drinks versus shaking it in a tin. Shaken cocktails tend to water down the contents, caused by the erratic shaking and breaking off of ice.

This particular antique brushed copper bar spoon offers the professional bartender a variety of desirable features. The beautiful vintage copper finish showcases an elegant, trendy style to your crafting. The twisted stem of the spoon should allow for a more fluid motion, both through the mixing vessel and your fingers, allowing for ease in the stirring action. The flat disk plate at the end of the spoon not only adds a weight for more control, but it can also act as a muddler.

  • Vintage antique copper finish
  • High quality and extremely durable
  • Flat disk end ideal for muddling and control
  • Standard 11 inch length (28cm)
  • Twirled stem/rod for ease in fluid motion
  • Stylish, professional and trendy

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