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BarConic® Bitters Bottle - Glass - 3 ounce


The BarConic® 3oz Bitters Bottle is the perfect piece of glassware to showcase and dispense your bitters flavors. The clear glass will allow your bitters color to clearly and elegantly show through. Add a dash of citrus, nutty, decadent or floral bitters to your cocktail using this professionally elegant glassware piece.

Be sure to pair up your bitters bottle with our dasher cork, which is sold separately. We also offer Dasher Cork Caps to keep your bitters safe from fruit flies and other unwanted particles. With craft cocktails being the latest craze, and the use of bitters more prominent, having a collection of these glass bitters bottles will add a professional look to your cocktail creations. The cork is ideal to pair up with this particular bottle, as it aides you in maintaining a simple "dash" of bitters, sure not to over pour. These bitters bottles also accommodate standard sized liquor pourers. Perfect for the Master Mixologist looking to showcase and dispense bitters in a creatively vintage style.


Glass Dimensions
  • 4.5" H x 2" W

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