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BarConic® Bitters Bottle - Diamond Pattern - 3oz.


The BarConic® Bitters Bottle with the popular Diamond Pattern is the perfect glassware for showcasing and dispensing your bitters flavors. It can be paired with any standard liquor pour spout if you prefer a steady stream of bitters. With the popularity of craft cocktails on the rise, professional bartenders and mixologists are proudly showcasing their unique ingredients for the perfect cocktail as part of the creative experience. This bitters bottle is a great way to elevate the display of your bitters flavors by adding the Diamond Pattern to an already beautiful piece of glassware.

Etched with the classic Diamond weave pattern, this piece is a stylish addition to any bar display. Washing the special glassware by hand with mild detergent is recommended. We offer a full line of Diamond patterned mixology items perfect for creating a complete set of elegant glassware.


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