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BarConic® 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker Deluxe – Antique Finish 24oz.


The BarConic® 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker Deluxe with antique copper finish is ideal for the professional bartender who wants to create mixed drinks with a classic "speakeasy" style. The elegant copper antique finish makes this set an exceptional tool with a professional quality you can see and feel. Much like our other popular 3 piece deluxe shakers, this set includes the shaker tin, strainer top and cap to shake and strain your best signature craft cocktail in style. The 24 oz size makes it large enough to handle volume pouring or just enough room to properly aerate your favorite cocktail. A fantastic piece to add to your classy home bar set or professional bar setting. Not Dishwasher Safe

The cocktail shaker is arguably one of the most important tools for a bartender when it comes to mastering their craft. An essential addition to any collection of cocktail tools, this BarConic® 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker Deluxe Set has everything you need to create the perfect mixed drink, and particularly an important element when creating your signature Maritin's. We also offer a line of antique-finished copper to accompany this set including mugs, bottle openers, jiggers, and bar spoons.

  • Convenient 3 piece set
  • Quality antique finish
  • Built in strainer cap
  • Tight seal to prevent leaking
  • Engraved w/ Logo on the bottom
  • 9" H x 3.5" W
  • Holds 24 fl oz
  • Weighs 10 oz