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Kershaw Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato & Cheese Knife

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This Kershaw Pure Komachi 2 Series is an elegantly crafted 4 inch Tomato and Cheese knife, with a high-carbon stainless steel Serrated Blade. All the Pure Komachi 2 Series knifes are color coated with a food-safe coating, which resists corrosion, simplifies cleaning and guides the blade through food with ease. The Tomato & Cheese Knife comes in a vibrant red color, and will help prevent cross-contamination of your food. Color coating will help you remember which knife you used on meat and which was used on vegetables.

The knife's razor-sharp, serrated blade will give you an easy and precise cut every time. With the added feature of the pronged tip, you can easily and quickly pick up the thin slices. This Pure Komachi 2 Series knife comes with its own plastic storage case, for easy access and storage. This knife is a refreshing addition to any kitchen, and will work amazingly for all your needs.
Additional Information
  • Hand washing and drying recommended
  • To protect the colorful blade coating, do not cut frozen food or use scouring pads or gritty cleansers when cleaning