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BarConic® Test Tube Shooter Ice Bucket - Clear - 12 Tubes

Our BarConic® test tube shooter bucket holds 12 test tubes and is great for serving up a round of shots in any bar or club. This product is not only a tray for serving test tube shots but also serves as an ice bucket for preserving the perfect temperature to serve mixed drink shots to your patrons. The 12 test tube shooters are held in place with a circular tray that sits securely on top of the ice bucket. The bucket measures just under 6.5 inches in diameter for the tray to fit snugly inside. Simply slide the test tubes into the tray on top of the bucket to hold them in place and fill with ice to keep the shots chilled. The ice allows the shots to sit on a bar top or table for a group of patrons without getting warm. The bucket, tray, and test tubes are made of durable high quality plastic made for a long lasting product that is easy to use in a fast pace bar setting. TT (Tube SHOTZ® Test Tube Shooters, Polystyrene Crystal Cut (100 pack) and TT-PP Unbreakable SHOTZ® 6" Test Tube Shooters, Translucent Polypropylene (100 Pack) will fit in this bucket.
  • Securely holds 12 test tubes
  • Durable high quality plastic
  • Holds ice to keep shots chilled
  • Measures just under 6.5" diameter

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