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ADD YOUR NAME Guest Check Pad Holder - Monogram Stripes

Simply type in your text! It's that easy to completely customize your check pad holder!

The perfect accessory for any server, cocktail waitress or bartender! This designer guest check pad holder has been designed to hold your guest check pad in place and keep it protected during your shift. Many times, servers will simply throw their check pad in their aprons; this causes the paper to sometimes get folded and mangled. With this pad holder not only will you eliminate this from happening, but you will also add a decorative flair to your service! The built in elastic strap is used to hold the cardboard backing of your check pad. Simply slip the cardboard behind the elastic to hold in place. It also features a smaller elastic strap to hold your pen or pencil securely, as well as a inner pocket to hold credit cards or cash.

When not in use, the snap button will keep your check pad holder closed and your inner contents safe. Slip it into your apron, or utilize the built in belt clip to fasten to your pants or belt for quick and easy access. Constructed from a leather and polyester material combination, the face of this guest check pad holder showcases a full color stripe design that is perfect for adding a bit of personality to your service.
  • Ideal for servers and bartenders for taking food/drink orders
  • Durable high quality material (leather backing / polyester face)
  • Elastic straps gold check pad and pen in place
  • Inner pocket ideal for credit cards and cash
  • Secure snap clip keeps holder closed and contents safe
  • Built-in belt clip accessory
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4.5"