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LED Ice Bucket Wine Bottle Cooler Stand Plus Charging Station


Never worry about electronics running out of charge. This stand is capable of charging up to 4 devices at once, your guests can now take their time and relax without constantly looking at their device's battery life. At night, you can simply press a button to turn on the blue LEDs. Has 3 built-in retractable cords (one for Apple lightning connector, one for micro-usb, and one for USB-C) and one standard USB port. It charges devices through its internal power bank, which has enough capacity to charge modern devices for weeks at a time. Water-resistant and designed for outside use in mind, it can safely and reliably be used in any temperature and weather. Comes with one charging stand, one ice bucket, and a charger for the stand.

  • Capable of charging up to 4 devices at once
  • Press a button to turn on the blue LEDs
  • 3 built-in retractable cords
  • Water-Resistant