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WalBAR™ 3 Piece - CUSTOMIZABLE - 24 inch - Distillery Design


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We can't say enough about our handcrafted 3 Piece WalBAR™! This is simply the coolest and ultimate space saving solution for those who wish to have a home bar but don't have the room for it. Not to mention, it is an exquisite decor piece.

The 3 Piece WalBAR™ is custom built in our USA based wood shop. It has been meticulously designed in favor of the home bar enthusiast. Basically this bar comes in 3 pieces, a Top Unit, Middle Sign and a Bottom Unit. (Please see below for more info on the unit sizes and features).  


  • Dark Walnut stain
  • Total Wt: 50lbs
  • Custom Decorative Molding


  • 5 Wine Racks
  • 10" Deep
  • Full Mirror
  • 21" W at Bottom Panel
  • Attached with provided French Cleat


  • 14"H x 22.6"W
  • Attached with provided picture mount
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Simply type in your text, we do the rest!


  • Top Panel of Bottom Unit used as a small bartop/mixing
  • Adjustable 4-pin shelf
  • 4 Adjustable heights
  • 6" to 9" adjustable Heights
  • Full Mirror
  • 21" W at Bottom
  • Attached with provided French Cleat