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BarConic® Portable Bar - 2016 Model

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If you are a traveling mixologist who wishes to maintain your own bar set up, then this BarConic® Portable Bar is perfect for your bar services. We have taken the time to speak with many professionals in the mobile bartending business and have been able to successfully upgrade our design to the perfect traveling bar. Tote your business around town with ease as this bar folds into a standard suitcase size tote, complete with wheels and retractable handles. You will be amazed at the ease, features and durability this bar offers when opened up.

It stands sturdy and strong, providing a professional bar service when in use. It offers every bar set up feature any type of bartender could wish for. The long speed rail will hold several bottles, enabling you to have a large selection of liquor at hand. There is plenty of space for condiments (holders), bitters bottles, mixers, glassware and even cutting boards without cluttering up your work area. The center on the bar holds a large ice bin and either side offers slots for any other type of stock you wish. Disassembling this bar is as easy as setting it up. When you are finished with your bar service it easily breaks down and securely clasps shut ready to be moved onto your next event.

  • Bar Dimensions: 179cm x 66cm x 108.5cm
  • Offers a lot of space and bar set up features
  • Easy assembly and disassembly - folds up to be transportable
  • Perfect for the traveling bartender
  • Ideal for events and parties that serve alcohol
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Classy and professional look