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BarConic® Hammerhead Double Opener with Cap Catcher Magnets and V-Rod


A BarConic® product that features both our one-of-a-kind HAMMERHEAD™ Double Bottle Opener and our V-Rod® Liquor Pourer Spout Opener in one handy tool! Has 3 forceful cap catching magnets. The famous HAMMERHEAD™ Beer Bottle Opener allows you to crack open "TWO AT A TIME!" With a little practice you'll be speeding up your bartending routine and showing off your skills. The V-Rod® part of this opener was designed exclusively by to offer another helpful aspect. The V shaped end of the V-Rod® aids in the removal of Liquor Pourer Spouts. If you are a bartender who has ever had to battle with that caked in liquor pour on a busy Friday night after kicking a bottle in the middle of a large shot order, then you will certainly appreciate the purpose and functionality of this tool. Made of stainless steel and measures 7 1/8" x 3 1/2"

  • HAMMERHEAD™ Double Bottle Opener
  • 3 Forceful Cap Catching Magnets
  • V-Rod® Liquor Pourer Spout Opener
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Measures 7 1/8" x 3 1/2"