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"ADD YOUR NAME" HAMMERHEAD™ Bottle Opener - Beast Mode


The HAMMERHEAD™ Bottle Opener is the definition of BEAST MODE! It opens 2 bottles at the same time! You can even add your name or any text you desire to customize this opener and make it even more beast. All you have to do is type the text you wish to have printed, and our designers will make sure that it turns out just right. It's simple, easy, and takes only minutes to add any text!

PLEASE NOTE: "Add your Name" is an optional feature to this design. If you wish to purchase just the design without this feature, simply leave the text field blank.

  • Add your own name or text capability
  • Crisp, vibrant color design
  • High quality & super durable HAMMERHEAD™ Bottle Opener
  • A original product
  • Patent No. US D437753