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Showmanship Flair Kit (with Dean Serneels DVD)

MSRP: $78.29
On Sale Today: $63.95

Want to improve your flair skills, or just add a little performance to your everyday bar skills? The Showmanship Flair Kit can help you accomplish this. Included in this kit is Volume 2, Showmanship and Flair, from the one and only Deal Serneels. Dean is a long time master, and is the inventor of the Flairco™ Flair bottle! If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best and he is certainly that. We are also including 12 plastic liquor pourers and an entire set of our illustrated 750mL flair bottles that include 4 tricks mapped out on each bottle. You will be flipping like the pros in no time!
  • The 750ml Original Flair Bottle has been designed to mimic the weight and feel of glass liquor bottles of the same size
  • Perfect for professional or aspiring Flair Bartenders
  • Great gift for any bartender
  • Perfect for learning and practicing
  • Bottles made of high endurance plastic that can withstand almost anything
  • Bottles feature illustrations on how to do different flair tricks
Kit Includes
  • (3) 750ML Illustrated Flairco™ Flair Bottles
  • (12) Black Plastic Liquor Pourers
  • (1) Dean Serneels Training DVD Volume 2 - Showmanship and Flair