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R.I.P. V-Rod® Bottle Opener

Perception is everything. At first glance the scene looks peaceful, but when taking a 2nd look you'll find some cracks on the skull, almost saying this person was beat and left for dead. It then goes to being peaceful again, because this person will never feel pain again. So, in a way, giving an example of overseeing probable causes just because of the beauty behind the rose and the subtle raindrops snatching your attention away from it at first glance.
About the Artist
  • "Hello, my name is Daniel Esparza. I'm 32yrs old, and I've enjoyed the pleasure of working with anything to do with art since the 2nd grade. As a child i played around with ideas such as sketching Ninja Turtles fighting characters of The Simpsons. As i got older, i drew so much of everything that eventually i just learned to understand many different styles. For some time now I've been focusing on the Dia de los Muertos holiday for many of my paintings! I really enjoy the infinite amount of colors that can be applied without ruining the art and the ability to create unusual textures that are typically uncommon for the traditional use of airbrushing. What I've always enjoyed about art is the ability of creating your own reality. Growing up in Compton wasn't always a pretty sight, but because of art, for me this didn't have an affect in my life because i would take many trips in imaginary worlds seeing what i wanted to see and eventually learned to live in it to be able to paint or sketch these images. I still, to this day, have so much fun creating new ideas and will remain doing this for the rest of my life!"