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Spherical Cocktail Ball - 24 ounce - Plastic


This spherical cocktail ball is a fun, economical and unique way to serve your signature cocktails. Replicated from the popular Quido glasses, this plastic version showcases the same creative drink presentation with a lower costing perk. Your guests will love consuming their drinks in this round cup, and will surely spread the word of their exciting drink experience. Perfect for craft cocktails, tropical concoctions or common bar requests.

This spherical cup has 3 components. The ball, the lid and the straw are all made from the same high quality plastic material, and securely fit together. The bottom of the cup features a flat base, therefore making this cocktail ball sit sturdy on any flat top.

  • Ball with lid stands approximately 4.5" tall with a 4.75" diameter (at its widest)
  • Capacity: 24 ounces
  • Straw length: 9.125"
  • 3 high quality plastic components securely fasten together

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