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SHOTZ® Server Packs – MIX and MATCH


This SHOTZ® Server Pack listing features of ALL of our fun SHOTZ® gear packed into one place. You can MIX and MATCH colors of all your favorite SHOTZ® Accessories. Choose from Neon and Flash Serving Trays and match them up with our SHOTZ® Trays, Cash Tenders, Bullet SHOTZ® Cups and more!

SHOTZ® products are an amazing addition to your bar or nightclub setting. Many of these products are designed to illuminate under dark and black lighted areas. They grab the attention of your customers and are a super way to run promotions and upsells. Please see below for more information on the products available with this fun MIX and MATCH listing.


Flash Serving Trays Available in several vibrant glowing colors, these trays offer 2 light modes... steady light and blinking light. They definitely make their way through a crowded dance floor! Operating off of two AAA batteries allows for a small battery pack with hours of operation. 
Neon Serving Trays

The durable high quality plastic tray illuminates bold neon colors under a blacklight. If you own a nightclub or bar that uses blacklight technology then these trays are a must have. They will not only add to the colorful ambience of your club but there is no need for electrical devices or batteries. 

SHOTZ® Trays

The SHOTZ® Tray can hold 22 liquor filled SHOTZ® at a time. High quality plastic that cleans up easily and matches the Neon Tray exactly. All colors except Smoke will glow brightly under a black light.

Bullet SHOTZ® Cups with Lids SHOTZ® Bullet Shot Cups are a great way to boost shot sales in your bar or club. Shot Girls and Servers will love how easy these shots are to carry and sell. Bullet Shot Cups come with handy lids for easy transport. 
Cash Tenders

Are you a server, unorganized at chaotic with loose money in your apron on a busy Friday night? If so, you must check out our Cash Tenders! They are like little portable cash registers that clip right onto your tray and conveniently organize your bank. Sort your bills and change for quicker and more accurate service to your tables. Choose from several colors. These cash tenders fit perfectly with our neon or electric flash trays! 

SHOTZ®  Clips

SHOTZ® Clips allow you to “hang” 1.25 ounces of liquor “on the side” of practically any rimmed vessel. There are so many fun ways you can run a special using these clips! They have been specially designed to work along with our popular Bullet SHOTZ® Cups with Lid. Instead of a floater in your Pina Colada, give your customers the option to a side shot of rum for a small (but profitable) upcharge. 

Bandoliers and Waist Band for SHOTZ® Cups

The Bandolier Sets are made of durable polyester webbing, so you don't have to worry about stains. They hold 14 SHOTZ® in each shoulder strap, and 8 SHOTZ® in the waist belt. One Size Fits All. The complete Bandolier Set includes 2 Bandoliers & 1 Waist Band. SHOTZ® Cups sold separately.