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Fishbowl Plastic Cup - 46 Ounces - No Handle


The fish bowl is a cup that is commonly used to serve the "Fishbowl Punch". This particular cocktail is extremely popular among beach goers, spring breakers and anywhere a big, cold, fruity cocktail is in demand. However, these fishbowls are growing in popularity as many master mixologists from around the world are putting their creative twist on them, utilizing their unique, round cup design.

Constructed from a durable plastic molding, these fishbowls can be re-usable, or given away as a promotional product. The fish bowl lid and straw are sold separately and a great addition so your customers can enjoy a spill free cocktail. These plastic fish bowl drink glasses hold 46 ounces of liquid.

Want to customize this cocktail fishbowl? We can print a single color image or logo on it! Click here for more info.

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