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BarConic® Gold Plated Mint Julep Cup - 12 oz

The Mint Julep is one of America's most iconic and classic cocktails. Traditionally comprised of bourbon whiskey, sugar and mint leaves; the Mint Julep is usually served in a silver cup but it has become popular more recently to serve them in copper cups of the same style. The beautiful smooth gold plated design gives this 12oz cup the elegant vintage feel that has become so prevalent in today's bar scene. Any master mixologist would be proud to serve drinks in this classic gold cup or even to just display in their bar. Your patrons will love the attention to detail this gold plated cup brings to their classic Mint Julep cocktail.

    • Capacity: 12oz
    • Smooth gold plated design
    • Elegant vintage look

Bourbon (the official Bourbon is Woodford Reserve), simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water), fresh mint, 12-ounce julep cup, jigger, crushed or pebbled ice, and a straw.

The best place to get pebbled/nugget ice is to pick up a 10lb bag at your local Sonic Drive-In for $2.00.

The easiest way to crush ice at home is by hitting ice cubes wrapped inside a clean cloth dinner napkin, hand towel, pillowcase, or with one of our Lewis Bags with a mallet, rolling pin, hammer, baseball bat, or whatever you have handy.

3 oz bourbon
1 oz simple syrup
5 sprigs of fresh spearmint. If you cannot find spearmint, then use peppermint. (You can also experiment and make mint-infused bourbon or simple syrup.)

1. Slap the five mint sprigs on the back of your hand for three seconds to release the mint oil.
2. Pluck off the leaves from three sprigs and drop them into the bottom of your julep cup.
3. Add the simple syrup and bourbon, then slowly add the ice. The ice will absorb the liquids like in a snow cone.
4. Garnish with the remaining two mint sprigs, then add a straw.

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