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BarConic® 1.5 oz Plastic Shot Glass with Double Wall - Blue


This BarConic® Plastic Shot Glass has a freezable blue double wall that makes it a versatile and fun addition to any bar! The double wall holds a blue liquid that can be frozen to serve a perfectly-chilled shot without shaking. This shot glass is perfect for the volume bar or nightclub that can freeze its shot glasses in preparation for a busy night. Your bartenders will be able to serve shots rapidly and your customers will love the quality chilled shots. The thick plastic shot glass shows its quality in the details and heavier weight. The electric blue color of the liquid also makes for an interesting show when served with a colorful liquor.

The BarConic® Plastic Shot Glass with Double Wall is the perfect shot glass for the bar or nightclub looking to elevate its shot service and presentation.

  • Plastic shot glass with freezable double wall
  • Electric blue liquid for freezing and presentation
  • Thick plastic shot glass
  • Shots are stack-able
  • Holds 1.5 oz
  • 2.5"H x 2"W