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The Sixtel Keg Spacer / Keg Stacker

Craft brewers love Sixtel (5 Gallon) kegs, and it's pretty easy to fill your walk-in cooler with them in no time. The Sixtel Keg Stacker is an innovative product to safely stack sixtel kegs on top of each other without the top keg sliding off and falling over. The Sixtel Keg Stacker also helps you keep your kegs organized and maximizes your beer cooler's storage space. Ideal for restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and of course, craft breweries. Stacker and Spacer sold separately.
  • Designed for use with Sixtel kegs (5 Gallon) only
  • Helps maintain organization in beer coolers
  • Safely doubles storage space
  • Made of sturdy polypropylene plastic