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Culinary Torch - Newport Black Jumbo


Mastering your craft is 50% of the battle whether you are a craft cocktail enthusiast or a gourmet chef. A skilled master of their craft should know that a culinary torch is a must have for all creative presentations. This Jumbo Culinary Torch will create an exclusive essence and quality to any cocktail or dish you are concocting.

This Jumbo Culinary Torch was created for an effortless and safe operation. This torch is easy to operate, child safe, and features a self-igniting ignition. The fuel cap is 35 ML and is designed to refill the butane efficiently. A must have for all bar and culinary tool line ups!

  • Easy and safe Operation
  • Self-igniting Piezo Ignition
  • Cordless, lightweight design
  • Quick refill design
  • Butane Not Included