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BarConic® Soda Siphon - Glass w/ Mesh - 1 Liter


Magically turn plain old water into a delectably refreshing soda water with this quality soda siphon! Fresh ingredient cocktails are essential in today's modern mixology so don't ruin a perfectly good cocktail with flat soda water. Make it on demand with your very own soda siphon.

This soda siphon features an ultra durable, thick glass construction and is protected with a braided stainless steel mesh cover. Simply insert a CO2 cartridge (sold separately) and create fresh carbonated water for all of your signature cocktails. 

NOTE: Do not fill over the red line as indicated in the directions.

  • Capacity - 1 Liter
  • Constructed from an ultra durable thick glass material
  • Features a protective braided metal mesh cover
  • Create fresh carbonated soda water on demand
  • CO2 Cartridges sold separately

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