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BarConic® Slender Jigger - 30ml / 45ml


Our BarConic® Slender 30ML / 45ML Jigger will allow you to accurately measure your liquors while showcasing your bar tool with a beautiful modern design. Every mixologist, professional bartender, and bar owner understands the importance of accurate measurements when mixing ingredients for their cocktail recipes. This gorgeous stainless steel jigger features a beautiful gold band around the mid section amplifying the sleek modern presentation. These well crafted jiggers are a great addition to any bar tool line ups!

These jiggers measure 30ML x 45ML and are approximately 5 Inches tall. Each jigger is manufactured from a high quality stainless steel maximizing the durability.

  • 30ML x 45ML
  • Stainless Steel featuring a Gold Band
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Sleek Modern Design

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