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BarConic® Japanese Jigger - Double Sided - 15ml X 30ml


This beautifully simplistic designed BarConic® Double Sided - Japanese Jigger - 15ml X 30ml is a great addition for all bartenders’ and master mixologists’ bar tool selections. Jiggers are commonly used with many modern recipes and are a great tool to have in the professional bartending industry. This high quality stainless steel jigger is equipped with deeper wells to accommodate less spillage, as definite measurements are very important to sustain precise flavors , especially when concocting your very own signature cocktails.

Our BarConic® line of tools and drinkware brings you high quality products at the best prices like this BarConic® Double Sided Japanese Jigger. This particular tool is made from a durable stainless steel and is sure to be one of your lasting bar tools!

  • Measures: 2 ⅞” height
  • Capacity: 30 Milliliters x 15 Milliliters
  • High quality, durable stainless steel constructin
  • Optimal for Master Mixologists and Craft Bartenders

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