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BarConic® Ice Pick - 3 Prong with Base


Utilizing an ice pick is the chore only a true master mixologist is familiar with. It is used to break up, pick at or chip away from an ice block. Professional bartenders have been in the spotlight for the past few years gaining recognition for their cocktail presentations and unique libations, paying special attention to detail.

This heavy weighted, 3-prong ice chip with base is certainly a unique choice among bartenders. The durable 3 prongs work quickly and efficiently while it showcases a stylish square base allowing the ice pick to stand up right when not in use. Why use an ice pick? Larger blocks of ice tend to melt more slowly than small cubes or crushed ice... therefore it prevents watering down cocktails while still maintaining its chill throughout prolonged consumption.

  • Heavy weighted professional design
  • Sturdy and unique square base (1.5" x 1.5")
  • Three prong design
  • Measures 8.25" in length
  • Ideal for master mixologists and professional bartenders