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BarConic® Fine Mesh Strainer - Gunmetal


You will find that professional bartenders these days are implementing the use of a fine mesh strainer into their cocktail creations. In the world of mixology, fresh ingredients are commonly used to create the most robust and refreshing cocktail flavors. Many times, fruits and herbs will be muddled to create these flavors. Using a double straining process is almost vital to ensure there are no left over particles or pulps in the finished product leaving only the smooth flavors that were extracted. Fine mesh strainers are designed to separate the finest of particles by catching the ones that first escape a standard cocktail strainer.

If the gunmetal plated series of bar tools is one of your favorites, then be sure to add this fine mesh strainer to your collection! Backed by the BarConic® quality brand, this strainer is perfect for all of your double straining needs. The gunmetal black coating simply takes this strainer from ordinary to extraordinary!

  • Measures: 3" Diameter x 9" Length
  • Stunning black gunmetal finish
  • High quality and durable
  • Fine mesh is designed to separate the finest of particles
  • Primarily used as a double strainer

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