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BarConic® Extendable Bar Spoon - 6 to 18 inches


Not sure what bar spoon length to get? Don't stress and consider this extendable bar spoon from BarConic®! This bar spoon adjusts to any length you desire with a simple pull. When compacted it measures 6 inches in length but can extend all the way to 18 inches (and anywhere in between) making it the perfect bar spoon for any sized mixing glass or bartending task. It is constructed from a high quality brushed stainless steel material.

Bar spoons are a must have bartending tool for any bar professional. They are typically used to chill your aromatic libations while avoiding watering them down. They are also used for layering cocktails and garnish picking... making them a bar tool you will always want to have at your side.

  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Extends to any length between 6 and 18 inches
  • Perfect for any sized mixing glass
  • Ideal for stirring, layering and garnish picking

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