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Winged Corkscrew with Bottle Opener


There is something about a winged corkscrew that brings a touch of class and sophistication to the table when serving a bottle of wine. This chrome plated wine bottle openers high-quality look and feel pairs perfectly with any bottle of wine. Its geared lever system with cap lifter will easily extract any cork from any wine bottle, while its sleek appearance compliments any upscale venue. It is referred to as a butterfly corkscrew, angel corkscrew or winged corkscrew because it is the 2 wings (levers) that control the entire operation. The sharp point on the screw can also be used in place of a foil cutter, while the top handle can be used as a beer bottle opener. This winged corkscrew has the vintage look people associate with wine and is the perfect addition to any bar or nightclub.

Simply insert the screw into the center of the cork, twist the lever and pull until the 2 wings rise all the way up. As you push down the 2 wings (levers), the cork will be removed from the bottle!

  • Die-cast, chrome plated
  • Elegant and timeless
  • Acts as a cap lifter, foil cutter and bottle opener as well
  • 6.5” length x 2.25” width

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