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Gold and Copper Plated - Double Lever Corkscrew

This double-lever corkscrew boasts a gold plated boot lever, screw and foil cutter as well as a copper plated handle. The double hinged lever allows for effortless cork removal from any bottle. This opener is durable and long lasting made with stainless steel and plated in copper and gold for added elegance and class. The design is sleek and streamline for easy storage and handling. This particular corkscrew also provides a variety of functions; not only is its main purpose to open wine bottles but it also includes a foil cutter and has the ability to open beer bottles. Also known as a waiter's corkscrew, that tool may be small but it is essential to bartenders and waiters in any club or bar setting.

  • Professional and sleek design
  • Copper plated handle
  • Gold plated screw, foil opener and boot lever
  • Durable and easy to handle

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