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Corkscrew - Floating Axis Pro-Cut Foil Cutter

SKU CS-226

The corkscrew or wine opener is one of the most essential tools for any professional or home bar. This Corkscrew with Floating Axis Pro-Cut Foil Cutter is a tool made for professionalism and efficiency. The patented "FOILKUT" system allows you to easily and efficiently remove the foil of the wine bottle before uncorking. The floating axis design makes the uncorking process extremely smooth- relieving stress so the boot lever "hugs" against the cork during extraction. The waiters corkscrew will have you looking like a professional regardless of your experience.

The 5 5/8" long corkscrew has been designed for beauty as well. The corkscrew is black to match the body of the wine opener, adding just the right amount of class to your common bar tool.

  • "FOILKUT" system allows for easy foil cutting
  • Beautiful black handle and corkscrew
  • Built for professionalism and efficiency
  • Easy to clean
  • 5 5/8" Long
  • Hand washing recommended

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