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Corkscrews - Double Lever - Maroon, Stainless Steel and Black


This stainless steel double lever corkscrew features a double lever boot system which aids in the effortless removal of wine corks. The boot lever and serrated foil cutter are stainless steel making this device durable and long lasting. The screw is Teflon coated to ensure that it slides smoothly into the cork without breaking or damaging it. Known as a waiter’s corkscrew, this small wine opener is the frequent choice for most bartenders and waiters. This popularity is attributed to versatility and diverse functionality of this device despite its compact size. This double lever corkscrew is a necessity in any nightclub or bar. It fits securely in any pocket and has the capability to open beer bottles just as well as wine bottles. Available in three styles: Stainless Steel, Maroon or Black; all constructed of sturdy stainless steel. Measures 4.75" when closed.

The time-tested wine opener is an irreplaceable tool of the server's trade. There are a couple things to consider when deciding on a new corkscrew. First, notice the shape of the handle for comfortable use, also consider the advantages of using smaller size or a heavy build. All openers make a statement, so choose one that appeals to you - in color, body, and function.

  • Professional sleek stainless steel design
  • Includes foil cutter and bottle opener
  • Compact size

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