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Corkscrew – Copper Plated


Open your next bottle of wine in style with this beautiful Copper Plated Corkscrew. This is the perfect choice for any bartender, master mixologist or wine enthusiast who needs a reliable wine opener. One of the most resourceful wine openers on the market, the versatility and style of this corkscrew is what makes it the preferred choice for bartenders and waiters everywhere. The sharp screw of this device glides softly into the cork and effortlessly extracts it without damaging or breaking the cork. The small and compact size of this corkscrew allows it to comfortably fit inside any pocket, making it the perfect choice to have ready for any bar or nightclub. This wine opener guarantees strength and endurance while still remaining chic and stylish. The solution to opening any bottle of wine, this is the perfect addition for any style conscious bartender or wine connoisseur. The sophisticated copper finish gives this beautiful Copper Plated Corkscrew a distinguished and classic appeal.

  • Compact size
  • Designed for easy grip
  • Classic copper design
  • Length: 3.5"- Width: 2.5"
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