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Swirl Vinylworks™ MAKO™ - 30 oz. Cocktail Shaker Tins

These Mako™ Shakers were designed to cap 28oz shaker tins (making them cheater tins) to hold much more of your cocktails than be using the 28oz with a shorter cheater tin. The flared end is meant for swifter capping. To keep your hands dry with improved grip control, these feature our Vinylworks™ vinyl coating in cool swirl color patterns.

Choosing the right shaker is familiarity and opinion, and you may become comfortable with any type you choose. If your concern is simply ease of operation, a three piece shaker may be best. For experienced mixers who are looking for speed, a two piece system of capping a smaller tin or mixing glass is often used, as is simply using a single tin for stirring and a wire strainer to separate the ice. 2-piece shakers are also offered as a set, and for many look is a large consideration. If you want a little personality and ease of grip, you may want to see a vinyl-coated shaker. Picking metal or plastic is another consideration when budgets and showmanship of both professionals and beginners are important factors.