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Cocktail Shaker Tin - Weighted 16 Ounce - NEON Color Options

Here's another style variant of the 16oz stainless steel shaker that's been a bartender's favorite: The NEON weighted tins. The eye-catching solid neon color variations react to black light and shimmer in all bartending settings. Without a doubt these are ideal for flair bartenders.

Deciding on the "correct" cocktail shaker is a matter of taste and practicality, and you may become proficient with any model you choose. If your main concern is clean ease of use, a three-piece shaker may suit you. For experienced bar workers who are looking for speed, a two piece system of capping a small tin or mixing glass is often used, as is simply using a single tin for stirring and an ice strainer while pouring. 2-piece shakers are often sold as a set, and oftentimes appearance is important as anything. If you want a little flair and comfortable hold, you may want to see the Vinylworks shaker. Picking stainless steel or plastic is another consideration when purchasing limits and show of both professionals and home bar enthusiasts are key.

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