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Cocktail Shaker Tin - Stainless Steel - 18 Ounce

The 18oz quality stainless steel cocktail shaker is used to cap the 28 oz. cocktail shaker like a smaller cheater tin, but its larger size accommodates more liquid. Also available is a weighted version.

Deciding on the "correct" cheater tin is a matter of familiarity and opinion, and you may become comfortable with any type you choose. If your concern is spill-free ease of use, a 3-piece shaker may be your solution. For working bar workers who might be looking for speed, a two piece system of capping a smaller tin or mixing glass is common, as is simply using a single tin for stirring and an ice strainer while pouring. Two piece shakers can come as a set, and oftentimes appearance is a large consideration. If you're looking for a bit of personality and ease of grip, you may want to check out the vinyl-coated shaker. Picking metal or plastic is another consideration when purchasing limits and showmanship for both pros and beginners are key.

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