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Cocktail Shaker - 3 Piece 16 ounce - Stainless Steel w/ Base

This 16oz cobbler shaker has a ridged, wide base to allow for greater stability when standing. Having a classic shape and polished stainless steel, this three piece shaker is sure to compliment any bar setting. Measures 9.25" when assembled.

Choosing the right cheater tin is purely subjective, and you can become proficient with any model you choose. If your main concern is clean ease of shaking, a three-piece shaker may suit you. For working bartenders who might be looking for quickness, a 2-piece system of capping a small shaker or mixing glass is often used, as is simply using a single tin for stirring and an ice strainer to separate the ice. 2-piece shakers are also offered as a set, and so often having a matching look is a large consideration. If you're looking for a little flair and no slip grip, you may want to consider the vinyl-coated shaker. Deciding stainless steel or plastic is a factor when budgets and show of both professionals and beginners are important.

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