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BarConic® French Style 2 Piece Cocktail Shaker - Gun Metal - 20 Oz


This much desired French 2 Piece Gun Metal Cocktail Shaker is a historic yet modern designed bar tool. The gun metal finish gives it a sleek edgy style making your cocktail crafting extraordinary. So beautiful, it is a must have for any high profile professional bartender or master mixologist. As all BarConic® tools, this shaker is well constructed and is manufactured from high quality stainless steel creating a perfect chilled environment for your mixed beverages. When vigorously shaking, the ice inside reacts to the stainless steel inside igniting the absolute chill to your cocktails.

  • Measures: 9 inches high with a 2.25" base
  • Capacity: 20 ounces
  • Gorgeous high quality gun metal plating
  • Ideal for professional bartenders and master mixologists
  • Popular and trendy in modern mixology
  • Stainless steel interior walls

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