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BarConic® French Style 2 Piece Cocktail Shaker - Gold Plated - 20oz


French 2 piece cocktail shakers have been a much desired bar tool in historic as well as modern mixology. Its sleek, almost seamless design makes crafting cocktails a pure joy. This stunning Gold plated French Shaker is a must have for any professional bartender or master mixologist. Backed by the BarConic® name, the high quality stainless steel interior walls provide the perfect chilling environment. The ice inside (along with the friction caused by the erratic shaking motion) reacts to the stainless steel material therefore igniting the ultimate chill to your cocktails. This Gold plated French style cocktail shaker holds 20 ounces and stands 9" high when assembled.

  • Measures: 9 inches high with a 2.25" base
  • Capacity: 20 ounces
  • Gorgeous high quality Gold plating
  • Ideal for professional bartenders and master mixologists
  • Popular and trendy in modern mixology
  • Stainless steel interior walls

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