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28 oz. Neon Weighted Powder Coated Shaker - Irregular

Save 38%
Original price $7.95
Current price $4.95
These 28oz Powder Coated Shakers are neon colored and belong to our "Irregular" collection of shakers as these particular shaker tins feature size variations from our standard 30oz shaker tins that are 93mm across the rim and 175mm tall. Most of these tins measure roughly 32oz with 96mm across the rim and 180mm in height. The irregularity of these shakers allow for us to sell them at a highly marked down price so take advantage of them while supplies last!

Note: These products are sold as-is, and vary greatly from one to the next. They product image in this listing is NO indication of the product you will receive. We only guarantee that the product is usable.

  • Irregular sizes
  • Powder coated neon color
  • Colors may vary from images
  • Stainless steel shaker tin
  • Discounted pricing
  • Only available while supplies last