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The PourCheck™ - Liquor Pour Accuracy Tool - 6 Pack

So What’s a PourCheck™? A PourCheck™ is a measuring device that has been designed to determine liquor pour accuracy. It features ounce increments as well as milliliter increments.

Basically the PourCheck™ uses are broken down into 3 main categories. Number 1 is for "Training" purposes... train yourself to pour accurate and consistent measurements. As a bartender you will train to get your pour count and count speed perfected.

Number 2 is "Testing." – this is a great way for bar owners and managers to test their bartenders to make sure they know their liquor counts and aren’t throwing your profits out the door with over poured drinks.

And number 3 is for fun! Challenge all of your bartenders to a battle of the pour… maybe the winner of the challenge wins the best shifts?

The PourCheck™ can be purchased separately, or to take advantage of our great training and testing pre-made, discounted packages, as well as more information on the PourCheck™, please visit our PourCheck™ Category. You will find an array of instructional videos, pre-made packages as well as more information and free downloads, all relevant to the PourCheck™.
Check out Hooters Girls using the PourCheck™!
  • Measures in Ounce and Milliliter increments
  • Neon green color glows under black light
  • Fits perfectly into standard 28 ounce shaker tins or 32 ounce stadium cups
  • Durable plastic material and strong construction
  • Measures: 6.5"H x 2" base diameter x 4.125" top diameter